Day Pattern Biodegradable Samsung Case



Biodegradable Samsung cases with absolutely no plastic.

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Introducing the future of phone cases – Day Pattern Biodegradable Samsung Case with absolutely no plastic. The material used for this phone case won’t add to the landfill, it becomes biodegradable in just 160 days, which can then be used as healthy soil for your homegrown veggies! Made of PLA plant polymer with a bamboo binder. This is what you need today. Join the movement, stay ECO.

Product Details 

  • Slim form and lightweight
  • Precise cut outs for connectivity
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Might have a natural scent
  • Day Pattern


  • WRAP
  • PETA Approved
  • Biodegradable Approved

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Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra day

Day Pattern Biodegradable Samsung Case

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