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Eco-Friendly Phone Cases with a stylish, natural and premium quality finish.
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you want a case that lets you be yourself and express who you are.

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🌿Compostable & Biodegradable

100% natural ingredients that can break down completely in just 160 days, and compost 60-90 in a normal landfill—no waste!

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Introducing the future of phone cases, with an eco-friendly option that could break down in just 160 days, compostable 60-90 days, and become part of nature’s cycle! Made from 100% natural ingredients like PLA plant polymer and bamboo binders—they will help you stay green today while still protecting your phone.

  • Slim form and lightweight
  • Precise cutouts for connectivity
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Water-Based Ink.
  • Biodegradable 160 days.
  • Compostable 60-90 days.

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Why Earthava’s Phone Cases?

We know that you don’t want to settle for ordinary, cheap cases that make you feel like you’re wearing an itchy sweater when you pull out your phone to check the time. You deserve a case that makes you feel as unique and special as your earth-loving self is! It’s time for a case that fits like a glove, protects against day-to-day wear and tear, does what it is supposed to do without making a big deal about it, and most importantly, a planet-friendly. It will never add up in the plastic waste either in landfills or in our oceans. 💚