Biodegradable Samsung Case (Multicolored Cockatoo)


Biodegradable iPhone case with absolutely no plastic.

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Introducing the future of phone cases – biodegradable Samsung case with absolutely no plastic. The material used for this advanced, impact-resistant case won’t add to your environmental footprint and can be broken down in just 160 days! Made from plant polymer that’s made using a bamboo binder so it creates healthy soil when composted or eaten by weeds after being buried at least 6 inches deep (or 180 days). That means you don’t have anything holding back on going green any longer: now it’s time for action!!

Product Details

  • Slim form and lightweight
  • Precise cut outs for connectivity
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Might have a natural scent
  • Multicolored Cockatoo


  • WRAP
  • PETA Approved

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Biodegradable Samsung Case (Multicolored Cockatoo)

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